Virgin Galactic


Hyper Island


Design, Strategy


We felt that the current visual concept did not meet Virgin Galactic and their clients expectations of space travel and everything it's associated with. So we were asked to help bring Virgin Galactic into the 22nd century. The purpose and goal of this new Visual Branding is not only to attract people into a new form of travel, but for Virgin to be in the front- line of space tourism for years to come and as a bonus maybe even achieve a modern approach to Virgin as a whole. With our approach we try to make a difference. We want Virgin Galactic be a “value for money”, luxury, quality, 

exclusivity, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge more then ever. To achieve this we came up with a total new structure for Virgin as a whole. We believe that this structure is clean and easy and usable. This approach can help Virgin reach new potential costumers or inform costumers that Virgin is more then, for example, Virgin Galactic.  My role in this project was Strategist and Designer. My team were able to create a new, exiting and luxurious visual experience fitting a high-end brand like Virgin Galactic.