I am a Digital Designer and all around Creative with a passion for branding and UX. I love creating connections between brands and their clients, simply because there is always more than one way to do it. A big part of why I chose to be in the business is that it's in constant flux, ever changing. Like myself, learning new things every day. As a child of the 80's the love I have for design started in my early years with Legos; the medium with which I could output my ever increasing need for creating. I started studying Art & Form at Södra Latin School in 2002 where I was suddenly exposed to an entirely new world of ways to express myself. I graduated from Södra Latin School in 2005 and started my long journey of sampling work in every field I could think of. Like many people my age, born of the MTV generation I had a hard time figuring out how I could utilize my creative abilities in a profession. In 2011 I heard about a new school called Hyper Island, I did my research and realised that "this might be it".

I knew that I probably wouldn't stand a chance at getting in if I knew nothing about actually working in a Digital Agency. To get some experience I called a friend who was running his own shop and asked him if I could sit and watch his AD working, and in exchange lead their creative sales. This strategy panned out because in 2012 I was accepted into the Digital Media '14 class at Hyper Island. At Hyper I got the chance to work side by side with leaders of the industry and try everything out from Project Management to Interactive Art Direction. After a year at Hyper I discovered my passion for creating concepts from the very beginning. I started to focus and push my conceptual thinking, and combined with my huge passion for design, it lead me to pursue the role of Designer and Art Director. After spending 8 months in New York as a Digital Design Intern at Bajibot NY, and then another four years working in Stockholm, my passion for design and innovation is stronger than ever!



2012 - 2014Hyper Island. Digital Media 14

2010 - 2012. Jensen EDU. Higher Education

2002 - 2005. Södra Latin. Art and Design